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Auto Hi-pressure casting working station for one-piece water closet with application of separate casting method for rim and body, which not
only raises the flexibility of system but also shorten the system running duration, each casting cycle is only 20~25 minutes; also, introduce of
slip smearing and rim sticking by robot realizes unmanned and standardization production, manpower reduce, productivity increased, stable
production and pass rate of green body over 98%;
Application of 6-axil robot and multidimensional movement mechanism could raise hi-pressure casting of complicate and hi-grade toilet.
Based on the FCS control system of bus mastering, individual control device and apparatus could be connected by the network with feature
of open and interoperate, which forms site bus control system and control function could be available at site.


Main Technical Parameter


Installed power

30 kw

 Actual power

6 kw

Application of mould

2 /sets

Forming duration


Daily output

115~145 /pcs


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