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Auto-cabinet basin hi-pressure casting machine has simple structure with auto lock mean of mold close. The structure is designed with independent turning device, slip pressure system and technology control system, can set independent casting technology parameter with producing different type products at the same time. Every mold can turn 90°,realize vertical casting slip and automatic horizontal demolding. The hydraulic system chose Germany Hawe compact workstation, realize low-energy running. The casting cycle time: 20-25mins/per cycle
Simens PLC series 1500 as the core of the electrical control system of this machine has human-computer interface touch screen model, and builds a machine network by integration module and distributed I/O based on Profinet bus protocol,realize the DIGICOM between machine and main control unit to finish the auto feeding slip, auto casting, auto turning and auto-producing aim.


Main Technical Parameter


Total power

8 kw

Application of mould

6 /sets

Forming duration

20~25min/ cycle

Daily output

345-432 /pcs


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