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Ceramic Industry Exhibition He Xiang re-appearance

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The 2016 Ceramics Industry Exhibition was grandly opened at the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. He Xiang again debuted with a strong 400 square meter lineup.

Wu Bin, executive vice president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, and Du Tonghe, chairman of the China Ceramic Industry Association, arrived at the booth. The two leaders fully affirmed He Xiang's development and encouraged He Xiang to not be satisfied with the first brand of domestic sanitary equipment. To become the world leader in sanitary equipment.


He Xiang booths are concise and unique in shape, demonstrating momentum in a low-key manner; exhibiting fine products and displaying quality in the atmosphere. Such excellent performance attracted Guangdong TV station to make a special interview with He Xiang.

During the exhibition, He Xiang exhibited an endless crowd of visitors.

The automatic high-pressure molding machine represents the highest level of domestic sanitary molding equipment. The smart robot glazing line uses an RFID radio frequency identification system to quickly perform data tracking and data exchange, truly embodying the perfect combination of automation, intelligence, information, and data. The audience was convinced by the quality and performance of Hexiang's products, and it was praised as a new generation of craftsmen.

With the opportunity of the exhibition, the "China Building Ceramics 2025-Latest Technology" Summit Forum and the Inaugural Conference of the Mechanical Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Branch were held as scheduled. He Xiangrong was regarded as the Vice Chairman of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association's Mechanical Environmental Protection Branch. Zhao Xianglai, General Manager was honored. Evaluated as “Director of the Board of Directors of the China Construction Sanitary Ceramics Association’s Mechanical Environmental Protection Division.” The acquisition of honors will inspire He Xiang Company to advance towards the 2025 ambitious goal, cross the country, and cross the world!