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HeXiang Group celebrates its 18th anniversary celebration

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On May 18th, the 18th anniversary celebration of Hexiang Group's construction was held in the conference hall on the third floor of Hexiang School. Zhao Xiangqi, Chairman of Hexiang Group, and Zhao Xianglai, General Manager of the company, attended the meeting with all senior executives of the company and 200 from the group. Several employee representatives gathered together. Wang Wenming, deputy general manager of the group, presided over the conference.

Mr. Zhao Xiangqi, chairman of Hexiang Group, spoke at the meeting and summarized the outstanding achievements of Hexiang Group in the global market, and made predictions and analysis of the following trends in international and domestic markets. In the meeting, Chairman Zhao Xiangqi requested the various departments of the Group to strengthen the internal management of the company, require employees to practice the spirit of craftsmen, and strive to enhance product awareness and strive for excellence.

At the beginning of the celebration, General Manager Zhao Xianglai jointly reviewed the brilliant achievements of the 18th anniversary of the establishment of the factory together with the employees, and emphasized that Hexiang Group has become a “Chinese Well-known Trademark Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, and National-level contract-credit enterprises, but they also need to carry forward the arduous pioneering, truth-seeking, pragmatic, and practical spirit that was built during the establishment of the factory. In the speech, General Manager Zhao Xianglai deployed the next stage of the Hexiang Group's global market strategy.

Chairman Zhao Xiangqi awards outstanding employees.

Zhao Xianglai, General Manager, presents awards to outstanding employees

Senior managers award the award-winning staff.

Representatives of outstanding employees, representatives of new employees, and representatives of high-level executives made statements at the conference.

"He Xiang" experienced 18 years of development, becoming "the first brand of domestic sanitary ware and equipment" and "the chief provider of sanitary ware industry in the world". We bravely developed 18 years ago to be special and strong; 18 years later, we work together. With high morale, they together hold up the red sun of He Xiang.